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Hi. If you are in this section, you have to be at least mildly curious about me. Thank you some much... no one is ever curious about me. My name is Nick Martin, and I am a Sophomore at Southwest Missiouri State University. I do this in my free time and have picked it up in about a month. This is all the experience I have with 3D so far, so please don't ask if I can do very complicated stuff.

I hope to add some pictures of me and my friends when I have the chance (To scan pictures, not make friends), and maybe some more extended info about me. For now, let me just say that I am a imperfect and dedicated Christian, who is a member and leader of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. If you are curious, or not even, check out the local Chi Alpha page and look around.

My hobbies are obviously 3D Art and the Internet, but I also am a bit of a tech nut, and have recently been spending time reading tech sheets, reviews and press releases for the new stuff. I am an English major that has no real clue what to do with my life. I write, draw and sing (Part of the XA Worship Team. God Rocks, and he is nice enough to let us play along!)

I read a lot, and work at Waldenbooks while I am at home. I like music and dance, and have this thing for theater and musicals. I saw Le Mis on Broadway Summer of '97 and I am still drooling. I read a lot of Shakespeare and really wish I could act. I am funny, but good acting skills seem to have gone on without me.

A lot of my time is spent in front of my P5-200, either listening to Music, Creating These Pictures, watching my e-mail like a typical student (Repeating my "Nobody loves me" Mantra, just like at the mailbox). I built this machine, so I am very protective of it... C++ could do bad things.

I have a great girlfriend; smart, beautiful, and she seems to love me too. Still boggles the mind sometimes, but I guess I should shut up and not fight it. I have a whole ton of friends here at school, and I would need a dedicated site and T1 just for the pictures and text. And a lot of the links and stuff I put up are from people I talk to, or that e-mail me. If you want to exchange links, e-mail me or ICQ (1993270) me and we will talk.

I listen to a ton of music, mostly alternative, but we all must deviate now and then. My favorite Groups are Waterdeep (A KC Blues/Rock Band), Caedmon's Call and 100 Portraits... all Christian Bands. I also listen to Green Day, Eve6 and Matchbox 20... and others of similar nature. I love instramental music, and my favorite CD is still the Braveheart soundtrack. I also love Rich Mullins and Jars of Clay, and have recently gotten hooked on Five Iron Frenzy and Seven Day Jesus.

But enough of my ranting... if you are interested any more in me and not a stalker, go ahead and e-mail me. Trust me, I answer them all (And will until it gets to much...)

And if you are curious about how I do this, I do it with Adobe Photoshop, Bryce 3D, Poser 3 and occasionally a few other small programs. I also spend a lot of time writing, and telling stories (And of course, Homework) and watching movies.