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The Towers

Left to Right: Adrianna's Tower, Cliff Watcher 1, Cliff Watcher 2.

Those who have seen my progression of art, from the first golden lands to the stuff I added today, know how fond I am of using towers all over the place. I love dark contrasts and castles and towers. These three pictures are what fall together to make the towers, all simple landscapes with a a tower thrown in to bring some contrast. Adrianna's castle was one of my first, followed closely by the Cliff Watcher. The second Cliff watcher was something I made after being asked who was watching the cliffs and having to point out the tower. All in all some of the most popular requests that I get.

The Castle Pictures

Left to Right: Lakeside Castle, Castle Scene, Castle Stormers

I spent a lot of time on these castles, and almost wish that I had some of the free time now. I guess all I really need is a good old 37.6 hour day and some funding to enjoy it with. Lakeside castle was one of my first 12 Pictures, and the other three were done when I went on a castle kick a couple of months ago. Most people like at least the castle scenes, and I hope you would like to stick one or two of these on your desktop.

The Castle Scenes

Left to Right: A Warrior's Honor, The Quest, Sunrise at the Castle, Seaside Castle.

All of the pictures in this selection are the pictures that involve castles but the castles aren't the focal points in the scene. The first Picture, a Warrior's Honor is a picture I made while writing a story about the death of a hero. The custom for any warrior's death was to leave the weapons of that warrior on the beach that was overlooked by the castle they had died to protect. People could stop by and give them honor when ever was proper, and the weapons would stay until washed away or rusted down. The Quest was one I made right after that, while toying with reflections and the same castle model that is coming very repetative in my pictures. The other two were both made a lot more with the landscape in mind, more so Seaside Castle, which has very little emphasis on the castle, and a lot more on the sunset. Sunrise at the Castle is a picture that I made just last night after creating the fountain seen in the pictre.