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The Golden Pictures

Left to Right: Golden Lands 1 &2, Lovers, The Artic, Adrianna's Ghost, Room with a View

These pictures are by far some of the most requested pictures I have ever made. Golden Lands 1 was the first picture I ever made (That is worth talking about at least) and its younger brother was the first one that I ever tried to use volumetric water or custom sky settings in. The Lovers was a picture made in tribute for my wonderful, beautiful and great girlfriend, Brandy. I had been thinking about her as I made the poser figures that made the couple, and more so when I created the scene. The Artic is just one that barely sneaked its way into this classification, and I stuck it here for the cold look that matches the current season. The golden lands, while simple in form, have this way of getting people to just look at a computer desktop in wonder for a while and ask "Where did you get that?" (You can tell them here). And remember, larger versions of all these pictures are availible aopn request. Adrianna's Ghost, is my first attempt at killing the ghost genre and all its rules, by making something almost sad and tragic. A ghost, forever lost, only gets release in an abandoned temple by staring at the ocean and sun. Room with a view is the complicated five day render that I did to play with glass, but not in the most outrageous way. And it ended up being much more to do with the view than anything else, so I decided to stick it here. I think it a tribute to times long forgotten.


Left to Right: By the Brook, Again By the Brook, Mountain Lake, Waterfront White and Rose, Dragon's Teeth, Wasteland, Land of the Giants

These are the pictures that I have made to look really nice on a desktop, and as far as I can tell, I succeded. By the Brook was one of my earliest pictures and one of the most relistic that I have ever turned out. Again By the Brook was an effort to mimic a sunset that failed but still produced a funky kind of sky. The mountain scene is a combination of molded mountains and clinders, with a unicorn added in the distance. The last two Waterfront scenes were recently created while I was just playing with various things. They are also two lighing variants of the same scene (Mostly exparamenting with colors and scenes). The Dragon's Teeth is a picture from a story setting I have. The Dragon's teeth is a area of river that flows out to see, and it huge (As could be seen with the three boats) and the only way to get from inland to the ocean. There is a fortress on top that could either help, kill or give passage to any ship, and raiders have been known to help the teeth close on unluckier vessles. Wasteland is the first in a series of "dark" pictures that I plan on making. Land of the Giants is a planetscae that is more of a Landscape.

The Stuff with Meaning

Left to Right: The Cross 1 & 2, Fields of Piece.

All of these pictures have some sort of meaning to them. The first two have the most, because I love Jesus. imagine having it all, charisma, money, power, fame and then giving all up for the people that hung you on a tree to die so that they could live on. It is love in its most simple and pure form, in a way that none of us could hop to match. That is what the first two pictures mean. The last on is a simple of thanks and peace, placed on a field of batle and in the last place one would look for a monument. That is what meaning is.

The Nightside

Left to Right: Northern Night, Chasing the Moon, Night by the Sea.

I love the dark, and I love the night. I am not a weird person... well, not in that way, but I do love the dark. There is a certain beauty to black, especially in the night sky. I love the stars, the night time clouds, the moon and the planets. Stars are God's gift to those who have the patience to stop for a while and look up. The forest was my first shot at a picture of the night, and I wish I could have found a wolf or something to stick in it. Chasing the moon was my picture of dreaming about myself, and my childhood where I would "Chase the Moon". Night by the Sea is a picture that I made when trying to mimic a post-sunset image. I think I hit it pretty close, so I mixed it with mounatin scene i was sorking on. I might redo a fe things in this picture (There was supposed to be a floating city, but Bryce 3D crashed and it was lost).