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The Weird Stuff

Left to Right: Caged, Reaching Up, World Toys, The Games Primatives Play.

Nothing like something weird to stick on your desktop to get your friends wondering about what is on your desktop. All of these were born out of my odd and creative mind. The most I can say is that nothing really ever inspired any of these. They were all born out of me playing with stuff in Bryce 3D, and then getting a picture. Caged is a really artistic kind of surreal thing that I came up with while playing with some walls. Reaching up was a message about things in the world that have to reach up to to try and drag people down. And World toys was just something I made because I thought it would be cool to have some toys like worlds. The Games Primatives Play is a long WIP that I have decided is good enough to post into the Gallery. I am going to get a lot tougher on what i post here, and I am still going to continue to weed out older pictures. I know I can do better work than a lot of what I post.

The Different Landscapes

Left to Right: Underwater, Forest Rangers, Prized Possesion, Temple of the Sun.

These are the things which couldn't quite make it into the landscapes gallery, but none the less have to be represented on my page. Underwater was the first picture I made using Volumetric Lighting (A special feature in Bryce 3D) and took about three says to render. It is a very nice and very blue picture that I like to throw up on my own desktop every so often. Forest Rangers was the result of me following a tutorial on making realistic dense forests, and decided to add some figures to it. The Little Town was just me playing some some of the buildings I had made and creating some more. I guess this should just go to show that you can do anything, even if you don't know how. Prized Possesion was just a result of me making a nice sky, then wanting to add a tree, but instead adding a cactus. Kind of Waterworldish. Master of the Sky is a picture of a guy, and a thing in the center, and a cool little floating thing I made. Temple of the Sun is a Work in Progress.

The Glass Selections

Left to Right: The Window, Garden of Glass, Celestial Walkway, Master of the Sky.

All of the picures in this gallery are of the Glass theme that I have been playing around with. The window is a simple picture that came about when I followed a tutorial about creating light rays through ojects. The little sun catcher was something I added to give it some spirit. Glass Garden was inspired from a picture on Pat's Gallery (Check it out on my Links Page). I think the whole effect of it is acctually really nice. Celestial Walkway, another of the pictures to creap its way into this gallery, thanks to all the glass, is a simpe black and white picture that has a dab of color. I thought it kind of looked like God's paintcup the first time I saw it, because he is obviously very fond of the color blue. Master of the sky is another picture from all the glass ones I have been doing. It was origianlly intented a a jungle picture, but I instead went this route so I could have a cool under the floor effect. And that is not a Jawa... it is the Master of the Sky. He summons that little white thing and has it get him pizza or something.

The Misc Section

Left to Right: The Toy Maker, the Woman in the Spring, The Mystic Fountain, The Tresure Water and Open, Swordsman.

This is the one picture that I really couldn't stick anywhere else. I love toys, and I miss being a kid (Kind of, I like a lot of the things about being an adult) and plying with toys. This was just one of those things I made while thinking back. I guess I just like having that little kid at heart. The Woman in the Spring is a picture I made after making a small stone pool with primative objects and combinations. The Mystic Fountain, where I play with two pre-existing objects that I had and stuck in a few light sourses for the "mystic effect". The Treasure is a picture inspired from the Little Mermaid (Watched it the other day... love that movie) and the small vault of treasure that she had. I couldn't decide if I wanted it underwater, or in the open air (The both looked nice in their own way). So I decided I would do both, identical except for the water. Take a look and tell me which is beter. The Swordsman is a picture I whipped up for an ongoing story on a message board I frequent, to show off the mighty Lord Bard Knight dWhisper and his magical sword.