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I am very much a connected person. Whether you use ICQ, e@mail, mIRC, or some other form of communication, you can reach me and I will probably answer.

You can mail me (dWhisper) here

I am also availible on ICQ at UIN:1993270
I however will warn you that if there is no reason for why I should add you, I will ignore you.

You can find me on IRC, as Crazy8tz or dWhisper on EFNET.

If you feel the need to reach me through means such as a game or something (Or feel sporting), I play Quake 2 a lot, and an occasional game of Half-Life, and you can message me or e@mail me with a challenge. My clan page, The Shadow Hand is on gibbed, and you can contact me with anything (From wanting to join to challenge) from there. I am the head of the clan, so you can get ahold of me for that to.

Other than that, 'm not sure what you can do. All the luck in the word to you.