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I appologize for the mundane text interface. I haven't had time to change it yet.

I posted all of these models so that they may be used in pictures. My only criteria are:

1) They must be used in "Not for Profit" work. Period. I make no money, no one makes money.
2) If it is posted somewhere... I would like a little bit of credit. Not much... just saying "this guy slaved over a computer for hours making this model.
3) I would like to see the picture. E@mail me or post a forum message or ICQ. I would like to see it.

I also have the right to tell someone to stop using my models, if they are abusing them.

A warning to all... a couple of these are pretty big, and I won't guarantee that they will always be here. These will be the fist things to be removed if space gets tight.

The Castle used in a large number of my Castle Scenes.
A long sword created for my Sword picture (WIP... not yet online)

King Cobra Spaceship
Butterfly Spaceship
Cobra Spaceship
Dragon's Claw Spaceship

Beer Sign from "The Games Primatives Play"
Colored Lamp from "The Games Primatives Play"

More Coming Soon.