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dWhisper's News

Monday, September 13th
Oh dear God. I updated the sucker. Bout time, eh? Added one new Picture... kind of a WIP. Look in the Other Art Gallery. Wednesday, April 29th
Added a new pic to Misc: Other.

Sunday, April 25th
You may have noted a few changes. Expect more.

Thursday, April 15th
Sorry about the long time for the update. The Games Primatives Play won an award, check it out in the Other Art Gallery. A redesign is in the works, so wait and see. Added Land of the Giants to the Landscape Gallery.

Tuesday, March 23rd
I added The Games primatives Play to the Weird and Misc Art Gallery. Go check it out... it is a long project of mine.

Tuesday March 9th
I added three new pics to the Sci-Fi Gallery.

Sunday March 7th
I retired nine pictures from the gallery, all of which I thought didn't reflect the quality of my work now. Circle of Stones, Castle Scene 1, The Race, The Regulator, Space View, Stairway, Sunbathers Little Town and the Woman in the Spring 2 were all removed. I added one new picture in the Sci-Fi gallery, Over The Ocean

Saturday, March 6th
To anyone who may have noticed. I killed the Reading Room, because of lack of feedback and I intend to put something better in its place. I will be working on it and you should see it within a week or so (if I'm lucky and have enough time). Two newpictures added toady, one in Landscapes, Wasteland, and one in Sci-Fi, Cyberspace Explorers.