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The Ships Scenes

Left to Right: Cobra, Butterfly, Dragon's Claw, Times Long Forgotten, The Hordes, Over the Ocean 1,2,3,4

Anything here is part of a spaceship series that I started for no particular reason. They will all be availible in a new section that I intend to create soon, along with several skies, mats and the such from Bryce 3D. The first three are JPG's of the ships, the next two are WIPs, and the last one, Over the Ocean is my first attempt at playing with the camera settings (Such as Rotation and FOV). I made four different versions of the same pic, I was working on other finer points within the pics.

Planetscapes and Other Worlds

Left to Right: Outpost 1 & 2, Cloud Station, Paradise Forbidden, Earth & Sunrise, The Life Project, Moon Base, Watermakers, Cyberspace Explorers.

The Outpost pictures were inspired from Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars/Green Mars/Blue Mars (I have yet to read Blue). To pictures derived from the same scene. Cloud Station was my first above the cloud plane work. Paradise Forbidden is a artistic picture meant as a statement of ignoring all the beauty around us. Imagine being surrounded by great beauty and only being able to see it while pressed up next to a glass window. Earth & Sunrise is a interesting picture taken from another earth's moon while it and the sun come to say good morning. The Life Project is about some other beings goal to create civilization in those little Life Pods. Moon Base is a Moon Base. Watermakers is a scene from a story idea, where water is the most valued possesion, and making it is more estiemed than creating gold from the air. Cyberspace Explorers is a picture of B O B and E L L Y out looking for m's webpage (a regular on the Bryce Forum).


Left to Right: Grand Station, Okanet Makers, Space View, The Watchers.
These are the pictures that stir something in me when I look at them. Now it is either lunch or my love and dream for space. I would love so much to shake off gravity and float around in a place forbidding and hostile. Now I love space and making pictures, and even though I know they don't look all that impressive, but I love 'em anyway. All of the things except the small spacecraft (Like in Space View or the such) are originals, even the buildings and large ships. The watchers is one of my originals, and the one that I used to like (I liked the floor a lot).